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Benedict Joseph Labre was born in France in 1748. He was the oldest of 15 children.  He received a good education under the care of his parents and his uncle, a priest in the town of his birth. He loved the Bible, and for the rest of his life always carried a copy with him.

At the age of sixteen,  he tried to join the Trappists, but was rejected. Then tried the Carthusians and remained six weeks with them but it turned out that this was not his vocation.

He took then to the life of a pilgrim. He lived on the streets of Europe, especially Rome.  He lived in severe poverty.  He would beg for food and if he was given more than he needed, he would give it away.
He spent his days in perpetual adoration in the Cathedrals. He would have religious ecstasies. He was said to have cured some of his fellow homeless and multiply loaves for them.

He died in 1783.  His confessor Marconi, told of 136 miraculous cures attributed to St. Benedict 3 months before to his death

Let us learn from the life of St. Benedict to remember that we are always in the presence of God, especially in church.

O God, by Your grace St. Benedict  persevered in imitating Christ in His poverty and humility. Through his intercession, grant that we may faithfully follow our vocation and reach that perfection which You held out to us in Your Son.
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