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Let's read the bible:
The Bible is in two parts.  The Old Testament and the New Testament. The bible was written by men. God told the men what to write in the Bible so that is why the Bible is called God's book. Let's first learn how to read the bible.

The Bible

God's Book, The Old Testament

Now that we know all of that, let's read some stories from the The Old Testament.
Bible Stories for Kids

God also gave us:
The Ten Commandments*

In the whole bible, God talks about angels. Lets read about
Angels of the Bible*

Just in case some of the Bible words are hard for you, here is:
Bible Dictionary*

Now let's go to the second part of the Bible, the New Testament.
That is about Jesus

God's Book, The New Testament

Let's read some stories from the The New Testament.
Jesus Stories

Jesus had twelve apostles.  Let's read about them
The Twelve Apostles

This is the heart of Jesus' teachings.  It is so important
The Sermon on the Mount

Jesus taught us many things.  Let's read about just a few things He taught us
What Jesus Taught Us

He also taught us how to be happy
The Beatitudes*

Did you know we have special gifts from God?  Here they are!
The Fruits of the Spirit

And always remember...
God Knows

Let's review our alphabet

Now let's have some fun!
Do you like jigsaw puzzles?  I have just the place for you
The Puzzle Place

We can't forget  Mom and Dad
You might enjoy these

Women of the Bible
I hope I included all the women.  They are important

For Our Shepherd
Several pages of poetry.  They even rhyme!

Hand of God
A site full of real life angel and miracle stories

Phrases From the Bible
How many do you say?

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